What Anime Deserves To Be On Your ‘Must Watch List’

Before I begin to share the anime that should be on you ‘Must Watch List’, all anime are in no particular order and spoilers have been kept to a minimum.

5Future Diary

First on this list is Future Diary. Now, this is actually a very popular anime series that I’ve been suggested to by one of my friends. However I’ve decided to add this anime to my ‘Must Watch List’ mainly because I’ve always been interested in genres such as Psychology, Thriller, and Mystery, which this anime is a part of. Just from reading the description on this anime got me excited to watch it. The main Character, a 14-year-old boy. His only friends are a God of time and space, Deus Ex Machina and his servant. When Deus Ex Machina Transforms his phone into a diary that’s able to predict the future up to 90 days. He then discovers, he and eleven others are part of a survival game, where the aim is to eliminate other diary holders. So much can happen, with such power. The Anime is 26 episodes long, so it’s great for long term watchers.

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4Alderamin on the Sky

When Katjvarna empire starts a war with the Republic of Kioka, and the world slowly begins to collapse. The main character Ikta has no other choice but to become a High-Grade military officer to defend his land. I generally don’t watch genres such as Military, and adventure, however With a rating of 8/10, great story, and very well animated 13 episodes, there’s no way I’m not skipping this one.

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ReLIFE has a unique story. a 27-year-old jobless Kaizaki Arata, randomly meets Ryou Yoake from the ReLIFE research institute, who offers him a mysterious pill with a promise to change his whole life. Unbelievably Kaizaki, Arata takes the pill, to then wake up looking as a 17-year-old. The tiny description thrives my curiosity to what can happen next. with a rating of 8.4/10, this beautifully animated and well-written anime deserve to be on my ‘Must Watch List’.

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2Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

This is another very popular series, that I’m planning to indulge in very soon. It has been suggested to me so many times, by many different people now. Just people’s opinions alone make me want to watch this 25 episode series anime.The main character, Natsuki Subaru is suddenly summoned to another world, where he meets and befriends Emilia, Once they are brutally murdered, Natsuki Subaru awakens to find out he is back once again, in the same spot he’s been summoned. Realizing history is repeating its self once he dies. This anime is also part of the psychology, and thriller genres, the story sounds like a solid 10, I can’t wait to start watching this anime.

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1King of Thorn

After watching the trailer for King of Thorn, it immediately went on my ‘Must Watch List’. A deadly virus spreads throughout Earth. 160 candidates are chosen, to experiment a cure against the virus. Candidates are put into a cold sleep. However, some woke up discovering that the facility is in a total state of decay. Weird vines, plant’s and even strange Dinosaur- like creatures are in place. This Mystery, Thriller and Sci-fi movie is about 2 hours long, and from the trailer, it definitely does on my ‘Must Watch List’ If you’re someone who doesn’t like having to come back to finish an anime series, this is perfect

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