Patema Inverted Review

(This review does not include spoilers so do not fear!)

Patema Inverted is one of those anime that’s unlike any other, it has a very different and unique story unlike any other I’ve seen. However, I believe this anime is very underrated.

“Just like any other anime.”

I personally loved Patema Inverted. I thought it was so interesting. However, once I praised the anime enough and actually got one of my friends interested enough to watch it, he was really not that impressed. He thought it was just like any other anime. I was taken by surprise. I was slightly shocked even.

It’s an anime unlike any other that I’ve seen. I really liked the idea of these two different worlds and physics of it all. Although The cause of this was all a scientific experiment. When scientists wanted to see if they could harvest gravity as energy, but the experiment went horribly wrong causing some people to reversed their gravity. These people called ‘Inverts’ Started their own little community underground where they are safe from falling and drifting into the sky.

This anime can be quite emotional. We mostly get right side up view of the world with Age. However, we do also get the upside down look of the world through Patema’s eyes. Which can cause a very intense feel of caution, or worry when we see Patema with nothingness under her.


This is that kind of anime that I think everyone should watch at least once. It’s definitely worth the time, it’s a very interesting and unique. This anime has the perfect amount of emotions, curiosity, shocker and is just an overall well-done film. be sure to watch it!



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