Have We Found The Best Rem Cosplay…. Ever?

We all love Rem and don’t even try to lie to yourself, you know it! But Rem in real life, mmmm. Cosplayers are a very important part of geek culture and specifically in the anime section.

But when looking for Rem cosplays, there are just so many! You can literally just Google Rem and be given 100s upon 1000s of Rem cosplays. Look, we’ll even Google it for you!

But which is the best Rem Cosplay?

That person you just saw is who we believe is the best Rem cosplayer that we’ve seen yet. But before you get your hopes up, look at the following gif.

Indeed…. I know what you’re thinking, “Is that a… guy?”¬†Indeed it is! This is Albert or Box Box, an avid gaming channel on YouTube and Twitch streamer. This is a stunt that he pulled off during his stream and created a montage of this on his channel.

“I just came and now I’m gay”

But if you’re a guy, don’t worry if feel kinda not straight anymore (If you are), because his own viewer base¬†spazzed out when he saw this! Just look at it!


Welp… what an article post, if you even call it that! What are your thoughts on this little act that Box Box did, do you have any favourite Rem cosplayers? Tell us down below or on Twitter!

P.S. He played League Of Legends with a controller.
P.S.S. How the F**K do you play with a controller!
Here is the original video

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