The Difference Between An Otaku And A Weeaboo

Now, There’s a clear line between a true Otaku And a Weeb. The western definition of an Otaku states that an Otaku is someone who dedicates themselves to watching anime, playing games, cosplay things of such sort. However, they do not obsessively surround themselves with anime. Unlike weebs *Caugh*.

Urban Dictionary¬†has a very illiberal definition for ‘Otaku’. It states..

“Usually an otaku person has nothing better to do with their life so they pass the time by watching anime, playing videogames, ETC.”

However, as a young Otaku, I announce that statement false! I actually very much do have a life, Thank you very much. However, a member on Quora has an even¬†harsher definition of a weeb…

“A weeaboo is someone who worships pretty much anything that is Japanese or related to Japanese culture.”

To be fair, a weeb is someone who is obsessed over and surrounds themselves with anything Japanese culture, includes anime. People like to think of this one, as a negative. Due to most weebs not seeing the sun enough, due to staying in, and watching anime.


Due to all this information, I still believe people should do what as wish to as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Although not seeing the sun enough seems painfull..


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