Warner Brothers are negotiating in the attempt to have feature rights for Attack on Titan.

According to deadline.com, the feature would be a remake of the Japanese film from 2015. Attack on Titan was released in two parts, Part 1 ended up being the seventh-highest-grossing produced film of 2015 while part 2 didn’t do so well.

From looking at community comments on this, it seems a lot of Attack on Titan fans are not the happiest to see one of their favourite series being thrown to a western motion pictures company. Here are some screenshots.

Though some people didn’t mind this transfer of IP. Here are some screenshots.

Overall this decision is not yet final. Us anime fans can become an extremely divided community when it comes to decisions such as selling IP. If this does go through, let’s hope it just isn’t another blatant money grab, let’s hope the Warner Brothers actually work efficiently on this adaptation.


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