Pokemon go has been out for quite a while and many people by now have dropped off from the game, those who are left have figured out strategies on how to claim or takedown local gyms. So what are some of the best Pokemon to use in those situations?



Charizard is probably one of the rarest pokemon on the app, due to Charmander’s spawn rate, but when you do hit that final button to evolve your Charmeleon to get one beast of a pokemon, turns out he ain’t half bad for gym battling. Charizard has a max CP of 2686 which is extremely high which allows his attack stat to skyrocket to 223 points, possibly one of the highest attack stats in the game.




This Pokemon, through my consideration, is a bit of a wildcard. Personally I did not expect it to have much use within this part of the game. Nidoking’s max CP is pretty staggering at 2386 points with attack and defence stats at 204 and 157 points respectively. It’s pretty obvious that it would have these types of stats because he looks pretty bulky, on the other hand, his attacks are not too effective (hence why it’s down here). His fast moves include: Furry Cutter with 3 power and 0.4 cooldown and Poison Jab with 12 Power and a 1.05 cooldown and his charge moves Earthquake, Megahorn and Sludge Wave all range between 100 to 70 power, which in terms of battling gyms isn’t particularly good. Which is why most people use him for defence.




In the early beginnings of the game, Arcanine was fairly strong almost tying with the number 1 and 2 spots on this list, but now it has a few nerfs which has pushed it all the way down this list. It’s max CP is 2839 with 227 attack and 166 defence. Its fast moves can include: Bite with 6 power and 0.5 cooldown or Fire Fang with 10 power and 0.84 cooldown, and its charge moves, either Bulldoze (35p, 3.4 sec cooldown), Fire Blast (100p, 4.1 sec cooldown) or Flamethrower (55p, 2.9 sec cooldown).




One of the hardest pokemon to level up really does pack a punch, it does need 400 candies to evolve from Magikarp but it does have some good stats. Its max CP totals to 3281! One of the highest in the game with attack and defence stats of 237 and 197 respectively. Gyarados has only one fast move, Bite, but makes up for it with three charge moves. Dragon Pulse (65p, 3.6 sec cooldown), Hydro Pump (90p, 3.8 sec cooldown), or Twister (25p, 2.7 sec cooldown). Most people try to go for the ones with hydro pump but personally, I would prefer dragon pulse because it has decent power and defence stats.




Highly praised by those who still play as the fan favourite tank with its defence stat (190) being higher than its attack (186) but compared to Gyarados, Lapras’ max CP is slightly lower at 2980. Lapras can take advantage of Ice moves, due to being an ice type, so for fast move, it has Frost Breath (9p, 0.81 sec cooldown) or Ice Shard (15p, 1.4 sec cooldown) and for charge moves: Blizzard (100p, 3.9 sec cooldown), Dragon Pulse (65p, 3.6 sec cooldown) or Ice Beam (65p, 3.65 sec cooldown). The ideal moveset would be Frost Breath and Blizzard to allow for a fast stab move and then a move that has high damage to punch.




Rhydon was much unexpected, being buffed and nerfed a couple of times over the lifespan of the game. As of now, Rhydon has a max CP of 3300 which is quite high compared to the others on this list, with an attack stat of 222 and defence stat of 206. Rhydon has two fast moves:  Mud Slap (15p, 1.35 sec cooldown) and Rock Smash (15p, 1.41 sec cooldown) and three charge moves: Earthquake (100p, 4.2 sec cooldown), Megahorn (80p, 3.2 sec cooldown) and Stone Edge (80p, 3.1 sec cooldown).




Another fan favourite to use in gyms due to its Grass Psychic typing. Its max CP is 2916 with an attack stat of 233 and 158 defence. Exeggutor’s fast moves can include: Confusion (15p, 1.51 sec cooldown) or Zen Headbutt (12p, 1.05 sec cooldown). Other than that his charge moves are Psychic (55p, 2.8 sec cooldown), Seed Bomb (40p, 2.4 sec cooldown) or Solar Beam (120p, 4.9 sec cooldown). Although its moves are fairly slow compared to the other Pokémon, Solar Beam packs quite a punch and can take down any Vaporeon any day.




One of the ultimate tanks, just like in the video games, Snorlax can take quite a beating before it goes down. Snorlax’s max CP is 3355, one of the highest with 190 attack and 190 defence. Its fast moves include Lick (5p, 0.5 sec cooldown) and Zen Headbutt (12p, 1.05 sec cooldown) and its charge moves include Body Slam (40p, 1.56 sec cooldown), Earthquake (100p, 4.2 sec cooldown) and Hyper Beam (120p, 5 sec cooldown), obviously it can take a hit and deal some major damage with the right moveset.




Vaporeon is one beast of a pokemon, most people use it because both its main stats are really good. Its max CP is 3157 with 205 in attack and 177 in defence. Vaporeon has only one fast move, water gun (6p, 0.5 sec cooldown) which is good for dealing small amounts of damage but at a rapid pace, on the other hand it has three charge moves: Aqua Tail (45p, 2.35 sec cooldown), Hydro Pump (90p, 3.8 sec cooldown) and Water Pulse (35p, 3.3 sec cooldown).



Dragonite (ALL HAIL THE KING!)

Of course this beastly dragon has to be on the top with some of the best stats in the game (unless there is legendaries). Dragonite’s max CP is 3581 with an amazing 263 attack and 201 defence stat. its fast moves include Dragon Breath (6p, 0.5 sec cooldown) or Steel Wing (15p, 1.33 sec cooldown) and its charge moves are Dragon Claw (35p, 1.6 sec cooldown), Dragon Pulse (65p, 3.6 sec cooldown) or Hyper Beam (120p, 5 sec cooldown). Yes the first two charge moves are terrible but having a Dragonite that knows Steel Wing and Hyper Beam is amazing, a slow moveset but hard hitting.

Highly Commended: Ditto


I do want to add a highly commended to Ditto who did just recently come out in the latest update but I have found a lot of trainers using it in gyms for defence. Ditto has bad stats (max CP: 718, Attack: 91, Defence: 91) but it does have transform and struggle, thus ditto acts a lot like how it is in the video game where it will transform (hence the name) into the opposing Pokémon taking on its moves, stats and appearance. This means when Ditto goes up against a pokemon with insane high stats (e.g. maxed out dragonite) it will take everything that dragonite has.

Hopefully this has helped you to get a good team sorted for when you are defending or attacking those nearby gyms. Gotta catch ‘em all am I right?

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