Kick Starter Helps Fund Nekopara OVA

Neko works released a promotional video for the OVA adaption of its adult visual novel Nekopara on Friday. Sekai Project started a Kickstarter campaign that has already funded the 60 minute OVA.

The project reached its goal of $100,000(USD) to create a 20 minute OVA within 1 hour when the Kickstarter launched on December 29th. But Sekai Project announced that every initial $100,000(USD) would extend the OVA by 10 minutes to a maximum of $500,000(USD) and 60 minutes. Within 24 hours the project raised $275,000(USD). As this article goes up the project has raised $568,916(USD).

If the project reaches $600,000(USD), the OVA will add subtitles in Russian French, Spanish, Korean, German, and Portuguese. If the project reaches $800,000(USD) there will be a mini visual novel game about Chocola and Vanilla as children and this game will get a short anime adaptation if the project reaches $1,000,000(USD).


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