Future Diary Review

(This review does not include spoilers!)

Only yesterday, I’ve finished watching Future Diary. I’ve actually binge-watched the last couple episodes of it, as it got so much better as the series neared the end.

Future Diary has a very good story. However, it does get a little bit off, and boring in the middle. A friend of mine also thought this was true. It’s really where all the fighting scenes are at. I mean, this is an ‘Action’ based anime. But I do still feel like it’s just at it’s most undesirable point there.

However, once the anime nears the end, it’s so eye opening, and unexpected. The story suddenly makes so much more sense. It captures your attention, causing you to desperately indulge in the anime until you’ve completed it. Which is exactly what happened to me.

I feel like there is so much thought put into the development of the main characters, especially Yuno. Yuno’s past has so much to do with the actual main story. Why there is even this ‘survival game’. Yuno’s past contains answers for watchers that have not yet completed this anime. But desperately in need of answers due to pure curiosity.


Overall, I believe this a very well done anime. However, the middle part of this anime does get a bit boring. The story is great though! If you do end up watching this anime, be sure to stick to it till the end! It’ll be worth.

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