Your Name Didn’t Get Nominated…

Back in 2003, we saw Spirited Away receive an oscar, this was a massive milestone for the anime industry and we all hoped for more in the future.

Fast forward to 2017, the following animation films were nominated: Moana, My Life as a Courgette, Kubo and the Two Strings, Zootopia and The Red Turtle. Where is Your Name?

Oscar Animated Nominations
Oscar Animated Nominations

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Your Name was actually thought of being put on the list but missed out for some weird reason even though it was making worldwide headlines and blowing the Japanese box office off its feet. Even after all of this had occurred, it didn’t make the list?

One of the interesting nominee’s is The Red Turtle. On this feature film, popular production company Studio Ghibli helped create this film. Studio Ghibli is the studio responsible for films like My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle and oscar winning Spirited Away. What we’re guessing that The Red Turtle might’ve replaced Your Name for the anime category even though The Red Turtle is not a anime. The Oscars are not fans of nominating anime films, so when anime does get nominated then it’s a big deal.

Your Name blew up the box office and is at NZ$457,505,598. This is massive for a anime film and we still find it extremely surprising why the Oscars haven’t nominated this masterpiece. Even though we are being kind of bias on this topic, we strongly believe that a lot of anime fans are as well.

But we all really don’t know why Your Name missed out on the Oscar nominations. OtakuNZ will keep you updated on this topic so make sure to register to our website to keep up to date.

This gif shows how lost we feel since Your Name didn’t get nominated.
Your Name GIF
This is how sad we feel seeing Your Name didn’t get nominated.
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