Woman Killed by Driver Playing Pokémon Go, Family Sues For Millions


Japan has had its first Pokémon Go disaster. In Tokushima City, a 72-year-old woman who was involved in a Pokémon Go related accident passed away.

The defendant, Keiji Mayu was sentenced to more than a year imprisonment by the Tokushima District Court. The judge stated that he was on a very straight large road and should’ve seen the victim, he plainly put out that it was simply negligence.

Furthermore, the family of the woman is suing 34 million yen in damages. That is approximately NZ$41,204,90.

New Zealand has had its fair share of Pokémon Go related accidents and the NZ Police previously campaigned on social media to be careful on the roads when playing the mobile app. Pokémon Go also has also put out its fair share of warnings.

Remember to just be careful on the roads.


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