Has Twitch Finally Responded To Why Yandere Simulator Was Banned?

Yandere Dev has recently received an interesting email from Twitch.

The e-mail states three reasons to why Yandere Simulator was banned. There has been confusion about the e-mail. As some believe it is slightly misleading. This is due to the following reasons stated in the e-mail.

  1. Yandere Simulator in question portrays women in a distasteful fashion, demanding them as sexual objects for the male player’s gratification.”
  2. “This video game in question promotes misandry and violence aginst woman.”
  3. “The video game in question features gratuitous, racially-charged profanity.”

Many believe the email can indeed fake. However, there is no actual proof of such. People have theories and solutions to how the email could be fake. Finally, a recent discovery by a twitter user suggests that there is a user with such e-mail address. On twitch.

“Either someone figured out how to convincingly spoof that e-mail address, or… Twitch is VERY misinformed about YanSim.”

This email can be fake. However, it is suspiciously realistic. If you have any opinions, theories thoughts, feel free to comment down below!

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