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Sword Art Online is an anime with a lot of controversy behind it, it’s either you love it or you hate it. Personally, I love it, it was one of the franchises that introduced me to my anime binging habits. Most of us already know what Sword Art Online is even those who have never seen it, but I will give a general overview.

Sword Art Online takes place in a virtual reality MMORPG world, except the catch is that the players get stuck in the world which is called Aincrad. The only way to escape is to beat the final boss.

After scouring through numerous forums, it seems people are very divided on the topic on whether Sword Art Online is worth watching.

“You like anime with good plot and charcters, Sao is the complete opposite.”

Even though a lot of comments look like that, a lot look somewhat like this.

“Sao is definitely worth watching!”

It is completely personal preference, but I guess you want a rather blunt answer. I will give this answer without being bias.

Yes, Sword Art Online is worth watching.

Sword Art Online has a unique setting compared to other anime. I have tried to look constantly for one that is similar but find it hard to find one on the scope of Sword Art Online. You could say that Sword Art Online has the whole package in some ways, action, romance, good setting and fan service (If you’re into that type of thing).

Some of the negatives for Sword Art Online would be that it can be rather bare at times, meaning that you will notice a lot of filler episodes. (Filler episodes are episodes that are created just to make the season longer.) Also once you finish past episode 12, Sword Art Online loses its charm and starts going down another road, you’ll notice this if you watch the anime.

Sword Art Online has epic fight scenes like this:

But also has special moments like this:

It also has romance scenes!


So yes, it’s worth it. It may be rather dull for the avid anime watcher, but for a casual or new watchers, it’s a brilliant anime! Be prepared to be disappointed at times but also “wowed” at moments. Sword Art Online becomes a bumpy road when it reaches around mid-way through the season. Watch it, if you enjoy it then keep watching and if not then drop it.

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