Umbreon and Espeon Confirmed For Valentines Day Event! (Pokemon GO!)


Starting Febuary 14th, the new Valentine’s Day Event will be live on Pokemon GO! With that there is also the release of two new (but not so new) Eevee evolutions. Introducing….

Espeon And Umbreon!

Espeon (Left) Umbreon (Right)


According to another article by

Obtaining Espeon and Umbreon will be somewhat complicated for users, since they must raise the “love” of their Eevee by choosing it as a companion and waiting until a certain time of day.

With this statement in mind, in the original games, it’s almost the exact same.

Hopefully we will get more infomation from Niantic closer to the so call date of the event and whether this infomation is true!

-Happy Hunting!!

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