Attack on Titan Stage Play

The main website for Attack on Titan stage play released visual for the three main cast. The staff also revealed that there will be about 150 actors in the cast.

The website also revealed that the play with go from July 28th to September 3rd, at Chiba’s Maihama Amphitheater. Akiko Kodama will be directing the play and Takeshi Matsumura will be writing the script.

Down below here are the three main cast in costume.

Here is  Hiroki Miura as Eren Jaeger

Here is Minami Tsukui as Mikasa Ackerman

Here us Shogo Sakamoto as Armin Arlert

Although all the cast members look cool in their costumes. But why does Armin have black hair, I hate that he doesn’t actually have blonde like he does in the anime.





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