Is Armageddon Way Too Mainstream?


Is Armageddon Way Too Mainstream?

This is a question that has been bothering me for quite a bit now. No question about it, I absolutely love Armageddon, it’s a brilliant event and I have fun every time. But what I’ve noticed is that Armageddon only focuses on mainstream content. An example of this is from last year. Last year there was mostly just big games such as Overwatch, Call of Duty and a couple of other games from big studios. Surprisingly there isn’t even much anime related stuff, all that is brought it by the community.

The cosplay community at Armageddon is simply amazing and it keeps getting better each year. Look at this montage that APG Media (Anime New Zealand) created.

We need more anime!

There are anime niche conventions in New Zealand but none of them are as diverse and big as Armageddon. I believe that Armageddon could work harder to bring in more anime based content. This may mean anime game or animation studios, voice actors or even international actors. If Armageddon could hit this very specific niche then Armageddon would definitely stay at the top in terms of conventions for years to come.

But then again, no mistake that there is a fair share of anime stores, but they’re mostly just figurines and lewd body pillows that we can get from anywhere.


Armageddon is indeed quite mainstream due to their huge range of popular content such Overwatch, Call of Duty and games from other big studios. There is a lack of anime based companies that go to Armageddon and they don’t have many anime actors or actresses that attend the event. I believe that Armageddon should invest more into the anime and manga niche community since this would boost their demographic off the roofs. What are your opinions on this?

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