The Secret World Of Arrietty Review

(this review does not include spoilers! You are safe.)

I really liked this anime one and a half hour anime. This anime is about tiny people living between the walls and floors of regular people-sized houses. They survive by ‘borrowing’ simple survival items from regular-sized people.

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I’ve seen this anime twice now, and I can definitely say, this is one great anime. The art style, the animation, the story it’s all very well-done good. Both times that I have watched this anime, have been an amazing experience.

The art style and animation, like I’ve said had been very well-done. However, to be fair what else would some expect from a Studio Ghibli film.

As well as art style and animation, the story has also been amazing. As it follows, a young girl (Arrietty), who wants to go exploring in the world of regular-sized people. However, life out there is risky and dangerous as humans constantly want to capture and study these tiny people-like creatures. As well as the story, the film has a gorgeous soundtrack that matches it, very well, especially in some specific in scenes.

However, the setting of ‘tiny people living in the houses of regular-sized people’ can be predictable at time. Despite that, this anime has done a great job to keep the anime up there.

Arrietty meets a young boy, who is all for helping her and her family out. However, unfortunate events take place, and Arrietty and her family are being discovered.

Here is a trailer, do enjoy!


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