Days After YouTuber Makes Rant Video, His Answers Came True

About a week ago, an Australian YouTuber (Lachlan) made a rant video explaining his problems against Niantic, the company that created the Pokémon go app.
[Watch video above or here]

He explains that the company doesn’t follow through with requests from the community, for example the article I made a couple of weeks ago about the just passed Valentine’s day event which was over hyped with the release of gen 2 into the game, which just turned out to be another “cash grab” by the company to make revenue from micro-transactions.
Recently on Pokémon go’s twitter, they released a sudden announcement that they would release 80 new Pokémon into the game all from gen 2! This is of course excluding the baby Pokémon that were released earlier on in eggs.

It seems like this will be coming soon, by soon I mean in the next month or so, so hopefully you have been having those candies and….
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