Cosplay As Yuri From ‘Yuri!!! On ICE’ For $780 NZD

Ballet and dance clothing designer Yūko Sagiri, released real-life versions of Victor and Yūri’s costumes on Wednesday.

Victor’s outfit costs 75,600 yen or $942 New Zealand dollars. While Yūri’s outfit costs 62,640 yen or $780 New Zealand Dollars. As there are only 100 of each costume, only 200 people can purchase a costume to use for their next cosplay.

Here are the costumes! :



Chacott is offering these through the online store. Customers will receive tote bags with the original costume designs by Sagiri (who assisted the production of the costumes).

Are you a Yuri!!! On ICE fan? Do you think this is worth? Comment below!

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