Kuzu no Honkai, Is It Worth Watching?

Genres: Romance, Drama, School, Seinen

Mugi and Hanabi seem to be the perfect couple on the outside to outsiders, but what they don’t know is their true feelings and stories behind their love. Kuzu no Honkai a love story created by Lerche studios that started airing on the 13th January 2017 and its a story about a “couple” that are going out with each other to satisfy their wanting for someone they truely love.

This is one of the most popular anime that came out in the 2017 winter season of anime and it sure did hit the spot for some people like myself. This anime goes and talks about love in a way most modern day romantic anime wouldn’t by focusing on the darker side of love and its ups and downs which are opposite to modern day anime like Niseko where the love is pure and light hearted. This anime really goes in depth about what it is like to date someone you do not truly love, but as a replacement for someone you do love and what effects it has on others around you too.

I personally would suggest you watch this anime if you are into the dark and deep thoughts of anime and love, but even if you don’t I still suggest you watch it since it is one of the most hyped anime this season.



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