Sunday (Three weeks ago), I had the chance to attend a pre-release event for the new Pokemon set that was being released today! Pokemon Sun and Moon: Guardians Rising. Overall, the day was amazing and I got some decent pulls from the packs I received.

The basic premise of a pre-release event for Pokemon TCG is very simple:

Each competitor, after paying the entry fee, receives a pre-release kit containing a pre-built set of cards and four packs of that event’s set, in this case, Sun and Moon Guardians Rising.

After opening each pack, the player has to create a 40 card deck, the standard is 60, providing their own energy cards and sleeves to protect the card, then it goes to general “free-for-all” Swiss format and extra packs are distributed as required, first place getting the most packs.

As for what I got on the day, I entered plus bought two Lycanroc GX Boxes which has the card I need for a new deck (More info soon) and I got some pretty good pulls from the two boxes plus the pre-release kits (Image Below)

From Left to Right: Rockruff, Drampa GX, Lycanroc (Midday Form), Lycanrock GX (Midnight Form)
Image is taken from

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Guardians Rising is out now at EB Games around the country and at selected retailers, watch out for more articles from me about my decks!

-Happy Hunting!

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