Anime gift ideas are the best in my opinion.

When a special occasion arises and you have to purchase a gift. It feels like you were just given a Herculean task. Get it wrong and you’re dead!

OK, so I exaggerated there…


3. Figurines

Kirito figurine

Anime figurines are a great way to show affection to someone.

It’s pretty simple, find out what their favourite anime is and get them a character. Or maybe they like a specific character but it’s not from their favourite series.

Their favourite series may be “Berserk” but their favourite character is “Eren” from “Attack On Titan”.

Well, it’s a simple thing to do. You just need to type in “Attack On Titan Eren figure” into Google. Next, a bunch of results will show.

Go ahead and browse for one that they will be happy with and fits within your budget.

Yes I know, that was simple. But simple things can be the most effective.

2. Jewellery

edward elric watch

Which girl does not love jewellery?

If you know your female spouse loves jewellery then this gift will surely make up for that bad thing you did. 😉

Or its maybe a good thing to put in reserve before you mess-up and make her want to kill you.

Of cours, this gift idea is not limited to just girls, it can work just as well with the guys.


If he’s in love with “Full Metal Alchemist” go ahead and get him that Edward Elric watch.


1. Cosplay

anime Cosplay

Ah, what’s better than cosplay? Nothing that’s what!

We can all appreciate an authentic looking piece of a character, or even better, the whole costume.

This gift of course is suitable for dudes and dudets.

The gift could be you giving them that piece of cosplay or it could be you dressing up as a character.

Either way I’m sure you will both be pleased.


So these were 3 simple anime gift ideas that will turn those annoying tasks into a pleasure. No need to rattle your brain around to find something they will like. And the best thing about these ideas is it suits any occasion.


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