Who are we you ask? We’re a team of funky fun people who just want to create and express what we’re thinking within the barriers of anime! We aim to constantly entertain and express a welcoming community spirit. We interact with our community and we love doing it! We are OtakuNZ!

Our Story

OtakuNZ was founded within the depths of Aincrad through the power of the one-cut killer Murasame with the assistance of the knowledgeable L Lawliet! OtakuNZ is founded through the starving brains of New Zealanders to find a source where they can engulf themselves in meticulously created anime articles! Founder Charles Joseph Monaghan first came up with the idea to feed the starving brains of Kiwi’s then collaborated with two other founders, Gabriel Saengon and Eva Soboleva to bring OtakuNZ. That was where our quest started, but it is nowhere near an end yet…

Percentages of What We Are

100% - Awesomeness
100% - Creativity
100% - Community Based

Yeeeah, we’re quite cocky (>∀<) But it’s true! Just ask our community!

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